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[单项选择]How does the man know about so many restaurants in the town
A. He has lived there all his life.
B. He is fond of good food.
C. He owns some of these restaurants.
D. He has friends working for these restaurants.



{{B}}Section One{{/B}}
·You will hear five short recordings.
·For each recording, decide who is speaking.
·Write one letter (A--H) next to the number of the recording.
·Do not use any letter more than once.
·You will hear the five recordings twice.

A a dentist
B a customer
C a policeman
D a mechanic
E a salesman
F a plumber
G a doctor
H a manager

Once the exclusive domain of executives with expense accounts, mobile phones are set to become one of the central technologies of the 21st century. (46) Within a few years, the mobile phone will evolve from a voice-only device to a multi-functional communicator capable of transmitting and receiving not only sound, but video, still images, data and text. A whole new era of personal communication is on the way.
Thanks in part to the growth of wireless networks, the telephone is converging with the personal computer and the television. (47) Soon light-weight phones outfitted with high resolution screens--which can be embedded in everything from wristwatches to palm-held units will be connected to series of low orbit satellites enabling people to talk, send and receive E-mail, or take part in video conferences anytime, anywhere. These phones might also absorb many of the key functions of the desktop computer. Mobile devices are expected to be ideal for some of t

A. 1个月后
B. 3日后
C. 1~2周后
D. 半年后
[单项选择]The banking industry urgently needs to hire more women in senior jobs if it is to banish(驱除) the dangerous culture of "groupthink" that contributed to the financial crisis, a report by a cross-party group of MPs recommends.
While more women in the city would not have prevented the global meltdown (崩溃) in the financial system, more diversity may have helped senior figures question each other rather than all too often adopting a group of people’s mentality, according to the Treasury select committee.
The 14-member committee--whose only woman is Northampton MP Sally Keeble--stopped short of calling for quotas on female board representation in financial firms or for legal changes to boost the image of women in the city. But it did criticize the financial sector’s slowness in combating a family-unfriendly long-hours culture and highlighted a gender pay gap that is even wider than for the economy as a whole.
The committee launched its investigation into city diversity last sum
A. prevent the global meltdown in the financial system
B. help senior figures to have different opinions
C. help senior figures to adopt the same ideas
D. help men to work more efficiently
A. 血运丰富
B. 面静脉无静脉瓣
C. 上唇运动较多
D. 细菌毒力强
E. 局部皮脂腺丰富
[填空题]______(你本该把牛奶放入冰箱), I expect it has become undrinkable.

正常检验一次抽样方案为( )。
A. (2,0)
B. (3,0)
C. (5,1)
D. (8,1)
[判断题]适用普通税率的进口货物也适用暂定税率。( )
借:银行存款 497500
营业外支出 2500
贷:应收票据 500000
审计人员在未经审核情况下将该公司签字盖章后的应付账款明细表作为直接审计证据,这种做法( )。
A. 降低了审计效率
B. 减小了审计风险
C. 增大了审计风险
D. 符合《国家审计基本准则》
[单项选择]How old is Ann
A. A fine boat.
B. Their friend Tom.
C. The weather.
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