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A. 部门规章
B. 地方规章
C. 法律
D. 行政法规


[简答题]The disturbance of the soul cannot be ended nor true joy created either by the possession of the greatest wealth or by honor and respect in the eyes of the mob or by anything else that is associated with causes of unlimited desires.... We must not violate nature, but obey her; and we shall obey her if we fulfill the necessary desires and also the natural, if they bring no harm to us, but sternly reject the harmful... The man who follows nature and not vain opinions is independent in all things. For in reference to what is enough for nature every possession is fiches, but in reference to unlimited desires even the greatest wealth is not riches but poverty.
Insofar as you are in difficulties, it is because you forget nature; for you create for yourself unlimited fears and desires. It is better for you to be free of fear lying upon a pallet, than to have a golden couch and a rich table and be full of trouble.

[单项选择]According to BT’s futurologist, Ian Pearson, these are among the developments scheduled for the first few decades of the new millennium (a period of 1,000 years ), when supercomputers will dramatically accelerate progress in all areas of life.
Pearson has (1) together the work of hundreds of researchers around the world to produce a (2) millennium technology calendar that gives the latest dates when we can expect hundreds of key (3) and discoveries to take place. Some of the biggest developments will be in medicine, including an (4) life expectancy and dozens of artificial organs (5) into use between now and 2040. Pearson also (6) a breakthrough in computer-human links. "By linking (7) to our nervous system, computers could pick up (8) we feel and, hopefully, simulate (9) too so that we can start to (10) full sensory environments, rather like the holidays in Total Recall
A. expanded
B. extended
C. enlarged
D. enriched
经甲乙双方协商,房地产开发商乙准备以开发完成后的部分房地产按售价的90%给甲作为地价的补偿,开发后的房地产销售税费由乙统一支付,如不考虑甲的前期投入和土地转让税费,甲除可得到14000m2综合楼外,还可分得( )m2的公寓。
A. 13657.40
B. 12360
C. 11589.11
D. 11267.76
[填空题]The goal of Olympic athletes (运动员) is expressed in their motto (口号,箴言), "Swifter, higher, (11) . "By undergoing the stress and strain of tough competition, they grow in strength, endurance, discipline. They learn to (12) and to cooperate with people from many nations. Each Olympic year their creed (信条) (13) them that the most important thing in the Games is not (14) , but taking part. The oath (誓言) they take binds them to abide by the rules of the Olympic Games, "in the true (15) of sportsmanship, for the glory of sport and the honor of our country".
如果选J当导游,则其他导游的人选必定包括下列哪一项( )
A. K和S至少选一人。
B. L和M至少选一人。
C. T和U至少选一人。
D. U和X至少选一人。
The age-old riddle of why many women live longer than men has been solved. It’s their pumping power, British researchers have found.
On average, women live five years longer than men and women over the age of 60 are now the fastest-growing section of the British population. The average male heart becomes weaker with age, and by the age of 70 its power to pump blood around the body could have decreased by up to a quarter of its youthful strength.
David Goldspink, Professor of Cell and Molecular Sports Science at Liverpool John Moores University, said yesterday that women’s longevity is linked to the strength of their hearts. Unlike men, they pump just as strongly at 70 as they do at 20.
"We have found that the power of the male heart falls by 20 -25 percent between 18 and 70 years of age," Professor Goldspink said. "In stark contra
A. Women’s Hearts
B. Why Women Live Longer Than Men
C. People’s Hearts Pumping Power
D. How Can Women Live Longer Than Men
A. 胡麻仁、阿胶、麦冬、生地
B. 白芍、阿胶、麦冬、当归
C. 胡麻仁、阿胶、麦冬
D. 胡麻仁、当归、生地


A. 公寓 
B. 图书馆 
C. 商场 
D. 办公楼
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