[单项选择]If you see a diamond ring on the fourth finger of a woman’s left hand, you probably know what it means: in America, this has long been the digit of choice for betrothal jewelry, and the lore of the trade traces the symbolism back to ancient times. But if you see a diamond ring on the fourth finger of a woman’s right hand, you may or may not know that it signifies an independent spirit, or even economic empowerment and changing gender mores. "A lot of women have disposable income," Katie Couric said recently on the "Today" show after showing viewers her Change right-hander. "Why wait for a man to give her a diamond ring"
This notion may be traced back, approximately, to September. That’s when the Diamond Information Center began a huge marketing campaign aimed at articulating the meaning of right-hand rings-and thus a rationale for buying them. "Your left hand says ’we’ ," the campaign declares. "Your right hand says ’me’ ." The positioning is brilliant: the wearer may be married o
A. Kwiat has a large supply of jewelry
B. Kwiat Spirit Rings are too expensive
C. Kwiat can hardly meet with the demands from the consumers
D. consumers keep a wait-and-see attitude towards the jewelry


[单项选择]The mystery had now reached its climax: the man had undoubtedly been murdered, and it was absolutely certain no one could conceivably have done it. It was therefore time to call in the great detective, who gave one searching glance at the corpse, then produced a microscope.
"Aha!" he exclaimed as he picked a hair off the lapel of the dead man’s coat." The mystery is a mystery no longer. We have only to find the man who lost this hair, and the criminal will be in our hand." The inexorable chain of logic was complete, and the detective embarked on his search.
For four days and four nights he moved unobserved through the streets of New York, scanning closely every face he passed, looking for a man who had lost a hair. On the fifth day he discovered a man disguised as a tourist, his head enveloped in a cap reaching below his ears. The man was about to board the Gloritania, and the detective lost no time in following him on board.
"Arrest him!" shouted the detective, and then
A. those using logic are not always logical
B. mysteries can always be solved by using logic
C. detectives can never be trusted
D. guilt can always be proved scientifically
[单项选择]A battery-driven bus has been developed by a group of British companies. The bus, a fifty- passenger single-deck (1) , is to go into (2) in Manchester shortly, and discussions with the Department of the Environment are (3) to lead to a (4) batch (批) of twenty going into (5) passenger service in Manchester within two years. Unlike the small govemment- sponsored battery bus now (6) trials in provincial cities, (7) low speed and range effectively limits it to city centre operation, the new Silent Rider, (8) a range of 40 miles between charges and a (9) of 40 m.p.h., will take (10) place with diesel (柴油) buses for normal urban and suburban (11) .
Its capital (12) is higher (13) lower maintenance and fuel costs bring it (14) to a fully competitive cost with the diesel bus over a thirteen- year life,without (15) into accoun
A. fuel
B. speed
C. range
D. cost
A. 氯化钙
B. 氯化钾
C. 碳酸氢钠
D. 维生素C
E. 泼尼松
[单项选择]能够行气祛湿,健脾和胃的是( )
A. 复方鸡内金片
B. 大山楂丸
C. 香砂枳术丸
D. 木香顺气丸
E. 神曲茶
[单项选择]Tom was fourteen years old. He studied in a middle school. Tom was going home at five yesterday. He got on a bus. A mother with her little boy was sitting nearby. Suddenly the boy cried. His mother tried her best to make the boy stop crying but the boy would not do so. At last Tom said angrily,“Oh, how terribly that boy cried! Why don’t you give him what he wants ”“I would if I could.”answered the mother quietly,“But he wants your cap.”

Yesterday he went home by bus.
A. Right.
B. Wrong.
C. Doesn’t say.
TV Shows and Long Bus Trips

Long bus rides are like televisions shows. They have a beginning, a middle, and an end — with commercials (商业的) thrown in every three or four minutes. The commercials are unavoidable. They happen whether you want them or not. Every couple of minutes a billboard glides by outside the bus window. "Buy Super Clean Toothpaste." "Drink Good’n Wet Root Beer." "Fill up with Pacific Gas." Only if you sleep, which is equal to turning the television set off, are you spared the unending cry of "You Need It! Buy It Now!"
The beginning of the ride is comfortable and somewhat exciting, even if you’ve traveled that way before . Usually some things have changed — new houses, new buildings, sometimes even a new road. The bus driver has a style of driving and it’s fun to t
A. To give the writer’s opinion about long bus trips.
B. To persuade you to take a long bus trip.
C. To explain how bus trips and television shows differ.
D. To describe the billboards along the road.
Where is the bank
[填空题] In 1847 the United States Post Office Department adopted the idea of a (36)____stamp, much to the objection of those who did not like to pay (37)____. Besides, the stamp covered only delivery to the post office and did not include carrying it to a (38)____address. It is no (39)____that, during the years that followed, private letter-carrying and (40)____businesses developed. As a result, the government postal service lost (41)____to private competition. Finally, in 1863, Congress provided that the government should pay the mail (42)___for delivering mail to private addresses, and that there should be no (43)____charge for that delivery. But this delivery service was (44)____________. As of 1890, of the 75 million people in the United States, (45) ____________. (46) ____________.
[判断题]被审计单位将无形资产的摊销均应计人“管埋费用”账产,并直接冲减无形资产的账面余额,注册会计师建议具进行调整并单独计人累计摊销科目。( )
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