Low levels of literacy and numeracy have a damaging impact on almost every aspect of adults, according to a survey published yesterday, which offers (1) of a developing underclass. Tests and (2) with hundreds of people born in a week in 1958 graphically illustrated file (3) of educational underachievement. The effects can be seen in unemployment, family (4) , low incomes, depression and social inactivity.
Those who left school at 16 with poor basic skills had been employed for UP to four years less than good readers (5) they reached 37. Professor John Bynner, of City University, who carried the research, said that today’s (6) teenagers would even encounter greater problems because the supply of (7) jobs had shrunk.
Almost one fifth of the 1,700 people interviewed for yesterday’s report had poor literacy and almost half (8) with innumeracy, a proportion (9) other surveys for the Basic Skills
A. improvement
B. advancement
C. development
D. increase


[简答题]编制建设期贷款还本付息表、总成本费用估算表、全部投资现金流量表。 2.计算项目的财务净现值、内部收益率和动态投资回收期,并进行财务可行性分析。


Diet, Alcohol Linked to Nearly One Third of Cancers
Diet is second only to tobacco as a leading (1) of cancer and,along with alcohol,is responsible for nearly one third of cases of the disease (2) developed countries, a leading researcher said on Tuesday.
Dr. Tim Key, of the University of Oxford, told a cancer conference that scientists are still discovering how certain foods contribute to (3) , but they know that diet, alcohol and obesity (4) a major role.
"Five percent of cancers could be avoided (5) nobody was obese," he said.
While tobacco is linked to about 30 (6) of cancer cases, diet is involved in all estimated 25 percent and alcohol (7) about six percent.
Obesity raises the (8) of breast, womb, bowel and kidney cancer, while alcohol is known to cause cancers of the mouth, throat and liver. Its dangerous impact is (9) when combined with smoking.

A. at
B. in
C. of
D. for

[填空题]Four-year-rid children are being tested for their ability to recognize simple words and letters in the (36) . They are also being tested for their skills with numbers. Federal education officials say the test will help the Head Start program (37) . The officials will compare the (38) of the children against national (39) in early arithmetic, reading and writing.
Local non-profit organizations (40) the programs. The government spends more than six-and-a-half thousand-million dollars a year to pay for Head Start.
Federal officials say close to a million children (41) the country take part in the programs.
Wade Horn leads the Head Start program for the government. Mister Horn says the test is (42) to learn which kinds of programs help children the most.
The United States Department of Health and Human Services (43) a report on Head Start in June. (44) . It said the Head Start chil
[单项选择]The mystery had now reached its climax: the man had undoubtedly been murdered, and it was absolutely certain no one could conceivably have done it. It was therefore time to call in the great detective, who gave one searching glance at the corpse, then produced a microscope.
"Aha!" he exclaimed as he picked a hair off the lapel of the dead man’s coat." The mystery is a mystery no longer. We have only to find the man who lost this hair, and the criminal will be in our hand." The inexorable chain of logic was complete, and the detective embarked on his search.
For four days and four nights he moved unobserved through the streets of New York, scanning closely every face he passed, looking for a man who had lost a hair. On the fifth day he discovered a man disguised as a tourist, his head enveloped in a cap reaching below his ears. The man was about to board the Gloritania, and the detective lost no time in following him on board.
"Arrest him!" shouted the detective, and then
A. those using logic are not always logical
B. mysteries can always be solved by using logic
C. detectives can never be trusted
D. guilt can always be proved scientifically
[单项选择]A battery-driven bus has been developed by a group of British companies. The bus, a fifty- passenger single-deck (1) , is to go into (2) in Manchester shortly, and discussions with the Department of the Environment are (3) to lead to a (4) batch (批) of twenty going into (5) passenger service in Manchester within two years. Unlike the small govemment- sponsored battery bus now (6) trials in provincial cities, (7) low speed and range effectively limits it to city centre operation, the new Silent Rider, (8) a range of 40 miles between charges and a (9) of 40 m.p.h., will take (10) place with diesel (柴油) buses for normal urban and suburban (11) .
Its capital (12) is higher (13) lower maintenance and fuel costs bring it (14) to a fully competitive cost with the diesel bus over a thirteen- year life,without (15) into accoun
A. fuel
B. speed
C. range
D. cost
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